Dassault Systèmes Launches New 3-D FashionLab

December 23, 2011 by  

Paris-based 3-D and PLM-solution company Dassault Systèmes has launched FashionLab, a new technology package for fashion designers and stylists to test new concepts using 3-D.

The new FashionLab software helps designers digitally model their sketches in 360-degree viewing before creating them, including simulating the drape and look of a garment based on the materials the designer chooses. In addition to speeding up the design process, the technology helps designers avoid creating garments that are not feasible for the runway.

“The luxury fashion industry can benefit from this natural evolution of the creative process, where ideas can be captured and immediately made ‘real’ through the power of virtualization and visualization,” Jonathan Riss, artistic director of the Paris-based JAY AHR House and a partner with FashionLab, said in a statement.

FashionLab is a combination of all of the Dassault Systèmes brands, including CATIA, for designing the virtual product; DELMIA, for virtual production; SIMULIA, for virtual testing; ENOVIA, for global collaborative lifecycle management; EXALEAD, for search-based applications; SolidWorks, for 3-D mechanical design; and 3DVIA, for 3-D lifelike experiences. The applications are meant to provide a vision of the entire product lifecycle, from conception to recycling, and to enable designers to do everything from sketch designs in 3-D to create a layout for retail stores.

Designers Julien Fournié, founder of Julien Fournié couture house in France; François Quentin, a luxury watch designer and founder of French watch company 4N; and Riss have been collaborating with Dassault Systèmes engineers on the new technology.

“This partnership has strengthened my belief that 3-D will revolutionize collaboration and design in the fashion industry. It is really exciting for a fashion house like mine to be part of this adventure,” Fournié said in a release.

“FashionLab is changing the boundaries of fashion design,” added FashionLab director Jérôme Bergeret. “Our mission is to develop 3-D virtual modeling and collaborative tools that meet the needs of this industry and that will enable it to master the end-to-end creative process, from styling to final buyer.”—D.C.





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